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Monologues for Men

Colt from MAD LOVE

by Jennifer Maisel

>Colt, 30s, a Christmas tree salesman, pushes away the teenage girl who is convinced she’s in love with him.


Denys from Vita & Violet

by Wayne Peter Liebman

>A soldier looks at war.


Kenny from Red Light, Green Light


>Kenny has a problem with some of his neighbors...


Ted from MAD LOVE

by Jennifer Maisel

>Ted mourns the loss of the life he was supposed to have.


This is not a real monologue

by Wayne Peter Liebman

Just added. Sample. Not real.


Monologues for Women

Akiko from Tonseisha


>A young woman in Tokyo considers suicide while relating a story about her childhood...


Denise's Interview from Meteor Girl

by Katy Hickman

>The speech challenged and inappropriate seventeen year-old Denise goes off on her family and philosophy about relationships in an interview to qualify for a scholarship.


Glynda from Biblio

by Wayne Peter Liebman

>Glynda talks about her relationship with her father.


Maggie from MALLBABY

by Jennifer Maisel

>Maggie, five months pregnant and fearing she's lost the baby, confronts her doctor. Maggie is a reporter on the mall beat at U.S. Mall, a mall slowly taking over the country.


Ms. Hampton from ...And the Two Romeos

by Jennifer Maisel

>Ms. Hampton, the school guidance counselor, tries to welcome Stacy, the only survivor of a suicide pact, back to school.


Ruth from Red Light, Green Light


>Ruth, a mother in her 60s, unleashes a litany of fears onto her gay son.


Sabina from Transference

by Wayne Peter Liebman

>A woman about to die speaks of forgiveness.


Stacy from ...And the Two Romeos

by Jennifer Maisel

>Stacy, 30s, lies to her boyfriend Nick about ending her pregnancy


War Music

Helen at the Shore

by Bryan Davidson

1955. Helen, a schoolteacher in her 30's, remembers a trip with her husband to the shore. A look at a family that was changed forever by WWII.


Monologues for Either Women or Men


by Leon Martell

>Gilbert is last of the great French dishwashers. His current place of employment does not live up to his standards. Changes must be made!