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plays by Jennifer Maisel

Jennifer Maisel: Full-Length Plays


A mother and her teenage daughter. The Jet Propulsion Lab Scientist and the underachiever. Sara lives on Mars time, spearheading the Mars Rover Expedition, visiting a planet she cannot touch, while her daughter, Lis, on earth time, falls under the spell of the cyber-cypher Edgar2330. Sometimes it takes being worlds apart for an exploring woman and a longing-to-be-explored girl to find each other in our increasingly disconnected universe.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 3F

Set/Technical: A unit set that can easily transform from Sara and Lis's house, to their car, to the locker room, to the lab, to Mars, with simple set pieces that won't interrupt the flow
Running Time: 2 hours with intermission


Winner of the 2014 Stanley Award for Drama


Ensemble Studio Theatre/Alfred P Sloan Foundation Rewrite Commission for plays about Science and Technology

2010 Sundance Theatre Lab at Mass MoCA, Aristic Director: Philip Himberg, Director: Jackson Gay Dramaturg: Shirley Fishman starring Joanna Gleason, Molly Camp, Mackenzie Meehan, Gregory Woodell, Matthew Dellapina

Ensemble Studio Theatre LA-Project Winterfest, Artistic Director: Gates McFadden Director: Casey Stangl

Cornell University Alumni Playwrights Weekend curated by Beth Milles




a work in progress

Leo has a wife and needs a kidney. Ben needs a kidney and is desperate for human connection. Maddy believes giving her kidney away will redeem her. Leyla longs to live her life and thinks that means she may have to leave Leo behind. Moss deals in flesh, seeking the highest bidder.

As we go deeper into the play we come to wonder about Maddy and her motivations as she becomes more and more entrenched in Leo, Leyla and Ben’s psyches. Who is this woman who has the power to change their lives?

Is there any such thing as a gift with no strings attached?

What if it meant every thing you owned, but you get to keep your life?

A journey into the underbelly of bartering for your organs…and perhaps for your soul.

Character Breakdown: 3M, 2F

Set/Technical: Simple unit set
Running Time: 1hr 40


semi-finalist for The O'Neill Theatre Conference 2010


Ensemble Studio Theatre - LA Project reading



Illustration by Mark Symczak, Graphic Design by Martin Miller

A hotel room in a third world country. The middle of the night. A jetlagged American couple, Robyn and Ajay (she of Eastern European Jewish descent, he was born here but he’s fully Americanized and has no memory of this country), are wide awake. Tomorrow they will meet the woman who will have her frozen egg and his sperm implanted inside her to have their baby. Tonight they won’t have sex even though they want to. The play moves between the past and the present, and between America and this third world country, connected by the tenuous threads of time zones and technology. Robyn and Ajay find themselves confiding in the anonymous beings on the other end of their phone lines rather than in each other; computer technicians, fast food order takers and phone sex operators whose work has been outsourced to another country become the refuge they can’t be for each other right now.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 3F

Set/Technical: simple bare bones set, smooth transitions
Running Time: 100 minutes


Finalist, Sundance Theatre Lab 2007 Finalist, O'Neill Theatre Conference 2008 Finalist, STAGE International Competition Finalist, Abingdon Theatre Christopher Brian Wolk Award

Production History:

Hypothetical Theatre Company, New York, director, Amy Feinberg


Ms. Maisel has written a thought-provoking play that touches on reproductive yearnings, sexual desire, cultural imperialism and more. And Annie Meisels gives a convincing performance as the woman at the center of it all... this production by the Hypothetical Theater Company, directed by Amy Feinberg, is never less than engaging.

New York Times, Neil Genzlinger, NY TIMES

If Annie Hall, yearning to become a momma, had outsourced her pregnancy to India while slogging through chemo, she'd likely have resembled Robyn (Annie Meisels), the chatty, self-psychologizing darling of There or Here, the Hypothetical Theatre Company's dramedy of marriage, illness, culture clash, and transplanted zygotes. Like Annie, Meisels exudes an ineffable charm... On a beautiful set... director Amy Feinberg's ensemble... excels in delivering Maisel's humor...

The Village Voice, – Ruth McCann, VILLAGE VOICE

There or Here is the kind of theater I love to see... Funny. Dramatic. Intriguing... Jennifer Maisel's playwrighting is brilliant; an incredibly strong ensemble of actors... Amy Feinberg's direction is superb; her staging is flawless. Highly recommended. – THEATREISEASY.COM


The expressive Bedi shines, playing multiple customer-service characters, notably a hilariously inexperienced phone-sex operator.


The play's characters – all portrayed strikingly well – achieve catharsis through... honest ethical complexity.


In director Amy Feinberg's capable hands, the production looks elegant and the cast is confident. Annie Meisels and Alok Tewari anchor the story as the believable couple, Purva Bedi is thoroughly charming, especially as the ineffectual phone sex operator.


. . . a fearless performance – NY PRESS

NY Press


PlayPenn Theatre Conference 2007 Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey Forum 2007



The Last Seder

Photo by Stan Barouh

From left - Jim Jorgensen, Carla Briscoe, Bernard Engel, Bill Hamlin,Halo Wines, Susan Rome and Kerri Rambow in Theatre J's production

When Lily and Marvin Price's daughters return for the last Passover in their family home, they find that the magic of the Seder ritual is the one thing that will allow them to heal the past and move on with their lives. THE LAST SEDER is a play about the members of this family getting a second chance to say goodbye to a love who is already gone - patriarch Marvin Price who suffers from Alzheimers - enabling them to open new doors to their futures.

Character Breakdown: 5M, 6F

Set/Technical: Unit set
Running Time: 1 hour and 35 minutes, no intermission


John F. Kennedy Center's Fund for New American Plays Award

The Charlotte Woolard Award for Extraordinary New Voice in American Theatre (also from the Kennedy Center)

National Foundation for Jewish Culture New Plays for Production grant, sponsored by the Winnick Family Foundation

The Showtime Tony Cox screenwriting award (for the screenplay adaptation)

Production History:

Ensemble Studio Theatre LA Project and Greenway Court, June 2008, directed by Joseph Megel

Theatre J in Washington, D.C., January 2003, directed by Joseph Megel

The Organic Theatre in Chicago, May 2002, directed by Joseph Megel


This is what theater is for. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry. It makes you think. It makes you feel. It is a shared experience, with the entire audience coming together emotionally even though they sit in the dark without making eye contact with each other. It is the play, and the performances, that creates that emotional connection and that is the magic of live theater.

Potomac Stage

"The Last Seder is an engrossing play concerning an unusual family. Each has a story that leads to the Last Seder and how the family copes with the realities of their life. The eleven-member cast gives strong performances to this sensitive production which certainly merits your attention. SEE IT." -

WGMS Radio, Bob Davis

...would raise a lump in the roughest throat.

The Washington Post

The play has all the earmarks of greatness and showcases Maisel as an important new voice in American theater. Playwright Maisel has a lot of virtues going for her. The first is an astonishing gift for characterization. Each person in the large cast is unique and credible, including the cadres of partners the daughters bring along for the celebration. Maisel is also adept at plotting, able to weave together a fascinating human drama and a story that grips us, makes us laugh, and holds us completely in its grip from its amusing beginning until its lump-in-the-throat ending.

Windy City Times, Rick Reed

BEST BET! Jennifer Maisel's episodic allegory about the final Passover observance by a clan at the crossroads of dealing with Alzheimer's approaches its tear-jerking aims with delicate precision and punch. LOS ANGELES TIMES

LA Times

GO! Maisel skillfully maneuvers the drama beyond the tolls of the illness; in her conflicted characters, she also illuminates the contemporary woman’s struggle for love and identity. LA WEEKLY


A marvelous cast, brilliantly directed by Joseph Megel, and one of the most unusual set designs (Adam Flemming) that I have ever seen, makes The Last Seder a highly recommended production - S

WOW! Maisel's play achieves transcendental beauty. You don't have to be Jewish to fall in love with The Last Seder.


CRITICS PICK! ...It's a funny and moving tale of a family whose members fight ferociously among themselves but close ranks when the chips are down. Joseph Megel directs with compassion and humor, deftly juggling multiple characters and plot lines on Adam Flemming's huge, handsome, semiabstract set. In an all-around splendid cast, O'Hara finds the steel as well as the anarchic wit of Lily, while Ruskin mines dark comedy from the confusions of a man whose memory is fast deserting him. Donovan captures the ache of a woman unwilling to relinquish the past, and Gault gives good-humored ironic edge to Luke, who's stuck organizing the Seder because nobody else is going to.



Ensemble Studio Theatre/The LA Project First Look readings, directed by Tamara McDonough

The Upper West Side JCC Premiere Springboard Reading Series, directed by Joseph Megel

Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey - workshopped through the NFJC grant - directed by Joseph Megel

The Streisand Festival of New Jewish Plays at the La Jolla Playhouse in California, directed by Dan Oliverio



Jorie - a woman caught between the world of her past and the one she has made for herself - lives a modern Grimm adaptation in New York City today. Entranced and charmed by Gus, a homeless man who uses his own magic to seduce her, Jorie is taken on a dark ride into the city’s underbelly that is triggered when she gives Gus her lover, James’s, coat. A balance of the deux ex machina qualities of fairytale magic with the hardbased realities of the lives of the homeless man, the prostitute, the stockbroker in a post 9/11 world.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 3F

Set/Technical: Abstract, unit set that can be many venues

Production History:

Rorschach Theatre company, opening July 2007, director Wendy McClellan


FirstLook@NewPlays, First Look Theatre Company, NYC

Kennedy Center First Stage reading series, September 2006

Rorschach Theatre workshop

ASK Theatre Projects first stage reading

Cypress College reading in New Play Festival


Honorable Mention - Ojai Playwrights Festival



Between fertility appointments reporter Maggie Harris covers the U.S. Mall beat. Today's big story involves a modern-day baby Moses - a newborn found in the mall's movie theatre - sparking a search for his mother. The abandoned baby sets a whirlwind of confusion through U.S. Mall, as each person it touches is beset by emotions of longing and love in the frenzy of trying to find who this boy belongs to. Visions of a feral wildchild roaming the mall's dark underbelly and foraging from the Food Court plague Maggie and Solya, the teenage mother. What will become of a newborn baby left among the popcorn and ticket stubs, as the natural, unnatural and mystical worlds of the towering shopping monstrosity combine?

Character Breakdown: 4M, 4F

Set/Technical: Unit Set with neon signage
Running Time: 100 minutes - no intermission


Epic Theatre's Sunshine Season a readings festival nurturing new political plays and re-thinkings of classics June 24, 2005 at The Beckett Theatre @ Theatre Row

Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey - reading - directed by John Pietrowski

The Bat at the Flea Theatre, NYC, directed by Joseph Megel

Jerome Center's Playlabs, Minneapolis, directed by Kent Nicholson

ASK Theatre Projects Spring Writers Retreat, directed by Veronica Brady

The Magic Theatre Raw Play series, directed by Kent Nicholson


...And the Two Romeos

...AND THE TWO ROMEOS is a memory play where Stacy - a woman now in her thirties - looks back and relives the tragedy that altered the trajectory of her life; the two fifteen year old boys who were in love with her at thirteen killed themselves, leaving her to suffer the consequences and the media's distortions of the event.

The piece is seamless, switching fluidly in time between the genesis of the trio's relationship, the aftermath of the pact and Stacy's current romantic relationship with Nick - who was integral in her story becoming such a media sensation.

In addressing the question of what really happened some scenes have a sense of distortion and shifting points of view: the memories of a distraught teenage girl, the town's perception of who she has become, the media reportage and television movie sensationalized portrayal of her parents. Stacy tries to banish the ghosts of Richard and Fin who plague her as she moves into her adult years. She struggles in her relationship with Nick - having chosen him because he was a link to her adolescence she is now faced with having a child with him. And she wonders, should someone with her legacy of tragedy have a child? Stacy must banish her ghosts in order to find out.

Character Breakdown: 3M, 2F

Set/Technical: All the actors play mulitple roles (there are twenty characters) except for the actress playing Stacy. Unit set of moonterrain and furniture that floats in and out to create various settings.
Running Time: Two Acts, about two hours with intermission. Dark and fastpaced.


Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey New Play Weekend December 2004, directed by James Gloughman

Rattlestick Theatre's 2004 EXPOSURE FESTIVAL - directed by Kent Nicholson

The Lark Theatre in NYC

Noteworthy Reading Series, Theatre of NOTE in LA - directed by Kent Nicholson

Noteworthy Reading Series, Theatre of NOTE in LA - directed by Inger Tudor


Finalist: Sonoma Rep Playwriting contest.

Semi-finalist: the O'Neill Theatre conference.


Mad Love

Elisa Donovan and Paul Beauvais in Mad Love

Thirteen year old Jace's family fell apart when her brother died last year, and now she desperately tries to escape her father by persuading a reclusive thirty-one year old Christmas tree salesman to help her kidnap her hissing mother from the insane asylum.

Character Breakdown: 4M, 3F

Set/Technical: Simple Unit Set
Running Time: About 90 minutes, no intermission


Awarded the Roger L. Stevens Award by the Kennedy Center’s Fund for New American Plays

PEN West Literary Award Finalist

Production History:

The Antrobus Group, New York City, director Dan Oliverio


Playwright Jennifer Maisel refuses to deliver the standard sappy move-of-the-week study of a benighted oppressed person in her wonderful new play. Instead Ms. Maisel, addresses the complexity of sexual abuse by ironically examining its ripple effect. ...Maisel is shaping up as a sort of Daivd Lynch with estrogen. Just imagine what she'll do next...

The New York Law Journal, Rebecca L. Ford

Jennifer Maisel pushes the envelope with her new play, MAD LOVE. She has taken distrubing subject, such as insantiy, incest, sexual abuse, and suicide, and wrapped them all up in a brutally realistic play. The realism lies in the fact that Maisel has created well-rounded characters. No individual can be easily classified right or wrong, good or bad. Each live with their peccadilloes, obsessions, and neuroses and utilize sundry techniques in order to survive.

Punch In International Syndicate, Laurie Lawson

"Tell me a story." pleads the 13-year-old spotlit in the darkness in her ruffled nightgown. "I'm getting hard," pants her father in a parallel spotlight, moaning to her soft skin, her tits. Behind them, a woodchopper's ax falls in rhythmic crescendo. Blackout. The scene's a stunner and one of many in Jennifer Maisel's Mad Love.

The Village Voice


The Road Theatre Company, Los Angeles


Excerpted in Monologues for Women by Women



Pamela Gordon and Alina Phelan in Theatre of NOTE's EDEN

A bride's cold feet, a mother seeking her daughter's saviour and a downtown New York City nightclub that disappears. Three women face the battles of our time - AIDS, alienation, committment, loyalty and rootlessness - armed only with the power of love and friendship. EDEN is the story of Maura's search for the man she is certain saved her from death in the Holocaust in hope he can save her daughter, Cecelia, who is HIV-positive. It is the story of Cecelia, who escapes to a club called Eden, waiting to die until she can somehow learn to live. It is the story of Cecelia's two closest friends who, on the verge of love, can't love without her. Their stories are woven together by Harvey - executor of divine coincidence - who must somehow bring these women and their loves together in the few hours before the wedding takes place.

Character Breakdown: 3M, 5F

Set/Technical: Simple multifunctional unit set with areas defined by sound and light
Running Time: 2 hours plus intermission


Winner of the California Playwrights Competition from South Coast Repertory

Production History:

THEATRE OF NOTE, Los Angeles - directed by Dan Oliverio


An engaging drama about three best friends in crisis. Maisel’s writing shines.

LA Weekly

Jennifer Maisel is a playwright who trusts her audience. In EDEN at Theatre of NOTE, nothing is obvious, nothing is settled, nothing is told in prosaic expository form. But her stories are human and eternal, with archetypal characters living in mundane circumstances.

The Malibu Times, Dany Margolis

In "Eden," her ambitious and surreal play at Theatre of NOTE about the effect of AIDS on a trio of female friends, Jennifer Maisel evokes a fascinating millennial dreamscape of urban dread, psychic fragmentation and imperfect human connection. Maisel demonstrates a sure hand and a formidable flair for the mysterious.

Los Angeles Times


workshopped at South Coast Repertory, California - directed by Bill Rauch

Concert Reading - Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, directed by Joseph Megel

Playwrights Week, The Lark Theatre, NYC - directed by Beth Schachter

Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble, the Coronet Theatre - directed by Joe Cacaci

Benefit performance for Pediatric Aids, directed by Charlie Stratton


Dark Hours

JoAnn Carney

Robin Witt and Ed Vecan in Center Theater Ensemble's Dark Hours

The story of Rip, an artist blinded at the height of his career, and Jane, the woman who comes to take care of him and ultimately makes him the center of her life.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 3F

Set/Technical: Minimal, Unit Set
Running Time: About two hours with intermission


Center Theater International playwriting competition

Production History:

The Burbage Theatre, Los Angeles

The Antrobus Group, New York City director, Dan Oliverio

Center Theater, Chicago,


"Blinding one's protagonist so that he or she may see more clearly another's deep, inner beauty was the metaphor of choice for the ancient dramatists. But up-and-coming playwright Jennifer Maisel has intricately developed this theme to reveal contemporary insight and tortured sexual being...a seethingly sensual production.

New City, Chicago

Maisel knows how to map the realm of the's a cunning contrast - the artist trying to learn to trust again, matched with a possessed woman who wants him to rediscover his art through her. Maisel fully exploits the carnal possibilities.

Chicago Tribune, Lawrence Bommer

...a disturbing vision of Eros' dark side.

LA Weekly, Lovell Estell III


Ensemble Studio Theatre - New Voices director Lee Costello


The Dybbuk

An adaptation, with Dog Ear member Robert Fieldsteel and April Vanoff of S. Ansky’s original classic. The profane world of everyday necessity interacts with the sacred and dangerous world of the occult in this rich portrait of life in an 1870s Polish shtetl. Chanon, a young student fascinated with the forbidden, mystical world of the Kabbalah, is enamored with Leah, the daughter of a local bigwig. When Leah, under the demands of her father, marries into a wealthy family, Chanon dies of grief … and returns as a malevolent spirit to possess Leah. The townspeople entreat Rabbi Azrielke, a renowned “exorcist?, to help Leah. But is the retired, world-weary old man up to the task? This vivid adaptation heightens the language of the spirit world while capturing the life of the shtetl with frank and humorous immediacy. Featuring a vibrant and haunting musical score by O-Lan Jones.

Character Breakdown: 13M, 8F

Set/Technical: Set/Technical –Multiple settings, flexible unit set, 3-piece instrumental ensemble (optional). Some actors play multiple roles and cross-gender is an option.
Running Time: 2 hours plus intermission

Production History:

The Wilton Project, Gascon Center Theater, Los Angeles, director Charlie Stratton


“Beautifully composed, with moments of pristine lucidity – even brilliance.? – F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times, F. Kathleen foley

“[A] scintillating ghost story that dramatize[s] the tug between conscience and desire with a kind of lean, operatic theatricality that well defines that overused word, vision.?

LA Weekly, Stephen Leigh Morris


L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week

Nominated for 5 L.A. Weekly Awards

Excerpted in Parabasis magazine


Jennifer Maisel: One-Act Plays

Animal Dreams

Photo by Dany Margolies

Pamela Gordon in Animal Dreams

Often paired with impenetrable, Animal Dreams is the story of Natalie. Moving through the levels of coma, Natalie relives her life as a schoolteacher, mother, wife and cancer patient through her animal dreams. Animal Dreams deals with one woman, on the brink of death, summing up her life.

Character Breakdown: 1F

Set/Technical: simple bare bones set
Running Time: 30 minutes

Production History:

The Wilton Project, Los Angeles, director Mitchell Anderson

The Edge of the World Theatre Festival, Los Angeles, director Matt Almos (paired with impenetrable)


Playwright Jennifer Maisel has written two one-act plays designed to complement each other. Both showcase Maisel's love of words and her ability to slip poetic language into the language of the everyday… inventive and sophisticated…a provocative piece of expression.

Backstage West


Excerpted in Even More Monologues for Women by Women



Photo by Dany Margolies

Patty Cornell and Eric Casenave in impenetrable

Often paired with ANIMAL DREAMS, impenetrable was conceived in Paula Vogel’s bootcamp workshop sponsored by ASK Theatre Projects in LA. It is the story of URSULA, a costume designer, trying to find an actual human connection during her sleepless nights with AJ, the man who will only get intimate through phone sex and JAMIE, the reconstructed model about to get deconstructed through performance art. Ursula spends days by her ailing mother’s bed, convinced she has seen a young Hitler driving around town and singing karaoke. It is only when Ursula breaks the distances of her life that she is able to make it turn around.

impenetrable deals with the increasingly American experience of the lack of intimacy that has arrived with the advent of technology.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 2F

Set/Technical: Bare bones unit set
Running Time: 20-25 minutes

Production History:

Circle Rising One Act Festival, Los Angeles, director Wendy McClellan

Edge of the World Theatre Festival, Los Angeles, director Wendy McClellan (paired with Animal Dreams)


Playwright Jennifer Maisel has written two one-act plays designed to complement each other. Both showcase Maisel's love of words and her ability to slip poetic language into the language of the everyday… inventive and sophisticated…a provocative piece of expression.

Backstage West


Mating Season

A family explores the legacy their unfaithful husband and father left behind.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 2F

Set/Technical: Simple. Bed and chairs
Running Time: 15-20 minutes


Heerman McClalmon Award


Wooden Horses

Two old friends visit the condemned amusement park of their childhood to relive the night that ruined their friendship.

Character Breakdown: 2M

Set/Technical: Amusement Park detritus
Running Time: 30 minutes

Production History:

NYU Tisch School of the Arts


Jennifer Maisel: Ten-Minute Plays


An adolescent’s rebelliousness turns to tragedy. Now a mother cannot sleep. Can the late night arguments with the daughter who deceived her finally give her the strength to cut the ties to her debilitating grief?

Character Breakdown: 1M, 1F

Set/Technical: kitchen (can just be kitchen table)
Running Time: 10 minutes

Production History:

Part of the evening CUTS at the Road Theatre in Los Angeles

Edgemar Center for the Arts


Goody Fucking Two Shoes

The drama club. The new girl. The lead in the school play. High school politics get dirty.

Character Breakdown: 1M, 2F

Set/Technical: Minimal
Running Time: 10 minutes


Finalist, Actors Theatre of Louisville Heideman Award

Production History:

2005 Humana Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville The Witching Hour, The Met Theatre, Los Angeles

reading, New Power Plays at West Coast Ensemble


Of the four pieces on the Ten-Minute Plays program, two stood out: Jennifer Maisel's "Goody Two Shoes," a brilliant little riff on Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" in which two high school girls compete for the attention of their drama teacher and only one knows the tricks of the trade -

Chicago Sun Times, Hedy Weiss

Goody Fucking Two Shoes by Jennifer Maisel was the best of the program, a modern-day parody of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Two high school girls (Deanna McGovern and Megan Goodchild) compete for the leading role, emoting and overacting -- very much in the vein that the girls use in Miller's tale of manipulation and accusation in historic Salem, Mass. It was a clever riff on the original, especially enjoyable to anyone who remembers Miller's classic play. Grade: A-

Cincinnati City Beat, Rick Pender


One of New Power Plays (see


How I Learned to Spell

Madeline dives into puberty by using her phone sex operator mom as a role model.

Character Breakdown: 1M, 2F

Set/Technical: Bare bones. Only props and a chair needed
Running Time: 10 minutes


Finalist for Actors Theatre of Louisville's Heidemann Award

Production History:

Woman Seeking..., New York City, Fall 2003



A mother and a daughter. How is it that you can no longer communicate with someone who used to live inside you? Anne and Rachel must find each other again.

Character Breakdown: 1M, 3F

Running Time: 10-15 minutes


Originally commissioned by Salt Lake Acting Company for their "Water Project"


Objects Seen in Mirror are Closer than they Appear

A crosscountry custodial battle hits every McDonalds possible as Babe, a Nevada stripper, chases after her ex, trying to get her daughter back.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 1F

Set/Technical: Simple. One fast food counter, some chairs
Running Time: 10 minutes

Production History:

The Wilton Project, Los Angeles, director Mitchell Anderson



A couple whose marriage is collapsing finds the only way to communicate is through their dance teacher's lessons in fantasy.

Character Breakdown: 2M, 1F

Set/Technical: mirrored ball, music
Running Time: 10 minutes

Production History:

The Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY director Doug Hutchinson

Playwrights Horizons, NYC director Doug Hutchinson

Playwrights Center, Minneapolis


NYU GradFest


Open Season

The deerboy who lives in the woods just may be Marge and Rafe's lost son.

Character Breakdown: 3M, 1F

Set/Technical: Simple, garden area
Running Time: 10 minutes


The Waiter

Lunch with her mother turns out to be an elaborate blind date ruse for Marilyn.

Character Breakdown: 1M, 2F

Production History:

Woman Seeking....Theatre Company, NYC, November 2003

Court Theatre, Los Angeles, director Doug Green


Welcome to Nuclear Beach

A hairdresser. A stockbroker. Her retarded twin brother. A world where chemicals have twisted nature.

Character Breakdown: 1M, 2F

Set/Technical: Minimal
Running Time: 10 minutes

Production History:

Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY

Playwrights Horizons, NYC, NY