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(Intrigue, Lies, Secrets, and Spies)

Commissioned by 24th Street Theatre, an evening of plays on the theme of Intrigue, Lies, Secrets and Spies. Watch spook geeks clearing a hotel room of bugs, the grand deceptions of aging literati, and teenage boys talking too much, while you take in a dinner party, the wild west, and a girl's bedroom.


Staged Readings, 2005 (24th Street Theatre, Los Angeles)


Collective Projects by Dog Ear Members

The Witching Hour

(The Dog Ear Witch Plays)

Our first collective project, an evening of short plays about witches: the old-fashioned kind; the modern kind; the kind you might meet in a beauty parlor; the kind you might even sleep with. Do you know where your daughter is? How much do you want that part? Ever have an experience with Jesus? Ready for singing lessons? Can't wait for the wedding night? Like to play with matches? Join us for a few answers.

Production History:

Goody Fucking Two Shoes by Jennifer Maisel (Actor's Theatre of Louisville)

The Witching Hour by Dog Ear playwrights, 2005 production at the MET Theatre, Los Angeles


Staged reading 2004, Black Dahlia Theatre, Los Angeles


Finalists, Actors Theatre of Louisville Heideman Award (Jennifer Maisel's Goody Fucking Two Shoes and Robert Fieldsteel's Essential Magick)



(Duplicity and a pair of scissors)

Dog Ear's second collaborative production is an evening of ten-minute plays commissioned by the Road Theatre Company. Eight Dog Ear playwrights weigh in on the theme of duplicity, using a common prop: a pair of scissors. Theater with an edge.

Running Time: 90 minutes

Production History:

Road Theatre Company, 2007