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plays by Kim Dunbar

Kim Dunbar: Full-Length Plays


Lisa, a conservative Senator's new black assistant, wins points when she advises him that the lawn jockey on his front porch will alienate African American voters. The senator gets his caretaker Earl to paint the statue white, but the jockey comes to life and botches the whole plan. Time moves between past and present, from the Kentucky Derby of 1891, to a modern day antique show reminiscent of a slave auction. Lisa reckons with her quest to climb up the political ladder by any means necessary.

Character Breakdown: 5M, 3F

Running Time: 2 hours.


National Play Award 1st runner up (National Repertory Theater)


Crossroads Theater Genesis Festival, New Brunswick

The Working Theater, New York

Watts Village Theater Company

River Stage New Works Project, Sacramento



Mary worked as a maid for Kathy 'til the day she died. Her daughter Carmen skips the funeral, then shows up at Kathy's to claim her inheiritance. Ana, the new maid from El Salvador can't seem to get the tile floor clean. Three women fill up a lot of space. So when things get nasty, who cleans up the mess?

Character Breakdown: 3F

Running Time: 2 hours


Blacksmyths Playwirght's Lab, Taper

Blacksmyths Juneteenth Festival, Taper

Mark Taper New Work Festival

Black & Latino Playwright's Conference



co-written with Bryan Davidson

A librarian is detained by the FBI under the Patriot Act for deleting the book borrowing records of a suspected terrorist. This frames the adaptations of four classic American novels that have been challenged or banned in schools and libratries throughout the country, (Annie on My Mind, To Kill a Mockingbird, Johnny Got His Gun, and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings).

Character Breakdown: 6M, 9F

Running Time: 2 hours

Production History:

Commission, Greenway Court Theater, (2003)


"Unmistakable integrity ignites Bryan Davidson and Kim Dunbar's Banned and Burned in America...this exploration of censorship's national implications conveys acute topical purpose and kinetic cohesion...authors Davidson and Dunbar surmount the academic contours with notable imagination...the most ingratiating consciousness-raiser since "Nickel and Dimed" at the Taper--catnip for inquiring minds, required viewing for closed ones.

L.A. Times, David C. Nichols

...when a black student refuses to read a scene from To Kill a Mockingbird, and is tried in an administrative hearing for slugging a peer who torments him, the twists and turns of political correctness through the halls of censorship become riveting.

L.A. Weekly, Steven Leigh Morris

The Greenway Court Theatre puts its stamp on Banned Books Week with Banned and Burned in America, a well-structured and vividly dramatic dissection of the controversial issues that confront librarians and libraries everywhere.

CurtainUp, Laura Hitchcock